Rolyn Engineering

Quality & Service, Our Commitment, Your Profit!

We are committed to providing sustainable Steam, Air & Water solutions for our clients.

Rolyn Engineering

Quality & Service, Our Commitment, Your Profit!

We are committed to providing sustainable Steam, Air & Water solutions for our clients.

Why Rolyn?

For nearly five decades, Rolyn Engineering has been a pivotal contributor, providing essential instruments and quality services to the industrial, manufacturing, and mining sectors across Africa.

We excel in


Establish ourselves as the No.1 supplier and installer of steam, air and water equipment and valves in Africa.


Rolyn Engineering is a supplier and installer of quality steam, air and water equipment and valves to mining and industry in Africa. The company takes pride in excellent service to all its customers.

Our Core Values

We have the courage to shape a better future through leadership;

leverage collective genius through collaboration and partnerships;

are real and show integrity to our various stakeholders;

show accountability and drive the principle: ‘If it is to be, it’s up to me’;

are passionate and committed in heart and mind. What we do, we do well and provide quality for our customers, consistently.

We are Reliable We are Honest We are Professional We are Efficient We are Experienced We take Pride in our work


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Mining Industry

At Rolyn Engineering, we comprehend the demanding conditions that equipment within the mining industry must endure. We recognise the vital importance of durability to ensure optimal mining operations with minimal downtime. We understand that prolonged repair periods can significantly impact mining profitability.

With Rolyn Engineering you can rest assured that our products are not only durable to the elements but optimise efficiency, reliability and safety in the mining industry. Backed by our team of seasoned engineers and industry experts, we bring extensive knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring seamless integration of our solutions into your mining infrastructure.

Rolyn Engineering is your trusted partner in maximising productivity and sustainability. Furthermore, we handle it all: consulting, design, supply, fabrication, installation, and maintenance, all with an immediate response time. 

Manufacturing Industry

With the dynamic factory sector, we specialise in delivering high-quality pipes and valves tailored to meet the specific needs of factory environments. Understanding the critical role of efficient and reliable systems in factory operations, we provide robust solutions that optimise productivity and minimise downtime.

Our team of skilled engineers are dedicated to designing and implementing tailored solutions that ensure smooth operations, adherence to industry regulations, and enhanced safety within factory facilities.

Partner with Rolyn Engineering to unlock the full potential of your factory operations through our innovative steam, air, and water solutions.

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical sector, where precision and purity are paramount, our products and services rise to the challenge. We understand that every aspect of the equipment utilised must adhere to strict standards. Even the slightest variation could have a profound impact on chemical formulations and overall product integrity.

Our supplier products are crafted to maintain the highest levels of sterility, resist corrosion even in harsh conditions, and ensure impeccable hygiene throughout the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Trust us to provide reliable and precise equipment that upholds the uncompromising standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

Together let’s elevate your pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities to new heights of excellence.