Our History


On the 15th of May 1974 Rolyn Engineering was established by Ross Dinnes to serve industry with the supply of quality steam, air and water equipment.

With much hard work in a difficult time in South Africa, Rolyn Engineering grew. In 1985 we bought the premises at 73 van Belkum Street, Rustenburg. This has been the home of our Head Office since then.

One of the early premises
One of the early delivery vehicles


In 1995 we started a long-term relationship with Niagara Valves from Brazil. They manufacture a large range of valves in Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Stainless Steel and Bronze.

Niagara has been the number one valve manufacturer in Brazil (As voted by Engineering People across the country) for many years. This position is due to producing high quality items at reasonable prices and good service.

Andrew and Ross receiving a presentation from the Directors of Niagara


In 1998 we opened our first Branch which is in Bloemfontein. This was a significant milestone as this marked the beginning of our expansion into South Africa.


Valsteam ADCA Engineering and Rolyn Engineering came together in 2001. We are now the sole agent for ADCA Steam Equipment in South and Africa.

The ADCA Steam Equipment range is manufactured in Portugal to the highest European standards.

We also started production of our first inhouse brand of valves called Columbus, this range consists of pinch valves and feed check valves.

Andrew and Mr. Fernando Soares from Valsteam ADCA Engineering.


Production commenced of our second inhouse brand of valves called Angus. These are partially manufactured in South Africa. The name speaks to the Scottish heritage of the founding family, this legacy continues in our high-quality valves that include Soot Blowers, Safety Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Angle Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valves, Gate Valves, and Pressure Reducing Valves.


In March of 2004, Rolyn expanded to KwaZulu Natal by opening our second branch in Durban. The significance of this branch was paramount and showed the growth of Rolyn Engineering as a company.


In 2005 we yet again expanded, by opening our Benoni Branch. This branch was developed to better assist our customers based in the Gauteng province.


Our fourth branch opened in Cape Town, further expanding our reach, which has enabled us to serve customers in the surrounding areas as well as having access to clients in Namibia.


Manqoba joined Rolyn Engineering, acquiring shares and adding remarkable value to the Rolyn Engineering team. This year was also marked by the first major projected we undertook outside of South Africa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


In 2017 Rolyn Engineering ramped up production of its manufacturing, maintenance and fabrication output, in service to its clients across Africa. We did this by opening a brand-new workshop in Rustenburg, this is colloquially known as the Projects Division.


In 2018 we started to produce our Angus Boiler blowdown valves and our Angus Sootblower valves in Rustenburg, South Africa.


We opened our latest branch in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga. This has proven to be an extraordinary achievement as it has become a stronghold for Rolyn Engineering in the region. In 2020 we decided to update our classic logo from Steam, Air and Water Equipment, to Steam, Air and Water Engineering to showcase our diversification and transformation into an Engineering EPC company.


In June of 2023 Rolyn Engineering secured a sole agency with Wilford Boilers. Their extreme dedication to quality and service has already proven beneficial to both parties involved.


We continue to grow and push for innovation in our field. We are excited to announce that in May of 2024 Rolyn Engineering will be turning 50 years old. This marks 50 years of our quality products and quality services, showing our dedication to South Africa and the whole continent.

Team members at our head office