Rolyn Engineering

A Tailored Steam System for a Congolese Metals Refinery

Rolyn Engineering's Pioneering Steam and Condensate System in Congo's Copper and Cobalt Refinery

In a significant milestone, Rolyn Engineering, recently engineered and installed a customized Steam and Condensate System for a copper and cobalt refinery in the Congo.
Our seasoned engineers crafted a tailored Steam and Condensate System, ensuring it met the unique operational demands of the refinery. The fabrication process, executed with precision and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, produced components that surpassed industry standards.
Rolyn Engineering managed a seamless supply chain, supplying all components on time (built and shipped) and ensuring top-quality materials from our ADCA steam products, to the Niagara valves used, as well as the pipe and fittings used. This meticulous coordination played a pivotal role in the project’s success.
The successful creation and implementation of the Steam and Condensate System underscore Rolyn Engineering’s commitment to engineering excellence. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering innovative and effective solutions in the realm of mechanical engineering, no matter where the project is located, elevating industrial processes to new heights.