Multi-Stream Steam and Condensate System for a Dairy Factory

Rolyn Engineering is proud to announce the successful design, fabrication, supply, and installation of a comprehensive Steam and Condensate System for a prominent dairy factory. This tailored system addresses the diverse needs of multiple production streams, encompassing fresh milk, powder milk, cheese, yoghurt, condensed milk, milk-based drinks, and whey.

Our engineering expertise extended to the incorporation of steam, condensate, compressed air, hot water, chilled water, and raw water systems. This multifaceted approach ensures a seamless and efficient operation across the varied processes within the dairy factory.

The foundation of our success lies in the meticulous design process. Our engineers crafted a versatile system that caters to their unique requirements of each production stream, optimizing energy efficiency and adhering to industry standards. This optimised production and cost savings. As the sole supplier of all essential components (ADCA and Niagara), Rolyn Engineering managed a streamlined supply chain, guaranteeing the timely delivery of top-notch materials to support the diverse needs of this project.

Our skilled technicians seamlessly integrated the Steam and Condensate System, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability. Rigorous testing protocols were implemented to meet the high standards expected in the dairy industry.

The successful implementation of the Multi-Stream Steam and Condensate System at the dairy factory reflects Rolyn Engineering’s commitment to delivering precision solutions. This project showcases our ability to tailor engineering solutions to diverse industrial processes, emphasizing our dedication to excellence in the mechanical engineering domain.